SSI Specialty Perfect Buoyancy

Do you want to move effortlessly across the sea floor and minimize your air consumption?This program gives you the knowledge and skills you need to increase your diving experience, increase your comfort in the water and get the most out of your equipment.

  • Learn how to position yourself streamlined and how to properly define your diving equipment.
  • Learn to float effortlessly in the water.
  • Get excellent buoyancy control during your dives.

Online theory, theory exam is done on site, 2 dives, diving rental equipment, online certification

Not included

accommodation, catering, diving insurance

Duration5 Hours
Bring along

swimwear, towel, drinking water

Important information

The theory is relaxed online in the run-up to the course from home.Diving students under the age of 18 need their parents' signature.


Further information

Experienced divers are characterized by excellent buoyancy control.You have probably seen them underwater. They glide effortlessly and require less air. They climb and descend and float in the open water, apparently only through the power of their thoughts. They handle the sensitive habitats with care and leave no traces under water other than their air bubbles.You too can achieve this perfection. The SSI special course "Buoyancy in Perfection" improves the buoyancy skills that you already learned in your first diving course and raises them to a new, higher level.The course includes 2 dives, in which we will playfully teach you the technique of correct buoyancy.


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